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ETSI published the TTCN-3 updated standards (2017 edition), you may access the actual documents via http://www.ttcn-3.org/index.php/downloads/standards or using the updated TTCN-3 Quick reference card http://www.blukaktus.com/TTCN3QRC_viewme.pdf.

The following provides a short list of innovations regarding the version 4.9.1 of the core language in ETSI ES 201 873-1:

  • an optional default type for user-defined union data types (chapter 6.2.5),
  • a new “=>” operator applicable on string type to access decoded data (chapter 7.3),
  • external functions that may return data of a template type (chapter 16.1.3),
  • the possibility to retrieve attribute values from types or template instances (chapter 27.8),
  • the port operation “.setencode” for the dynamic selection of encoding attributes (chapter 27.9),
  • an extended parameterization of encode/decode functions for the dynamic selection of encoding attributes (chapter C.5.1C.5.4),
  • new predefined functions for encoding/decoding of octetstrings (chapter C.5.5 and C.5.6).

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