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ETSI published all updated TTCN-3 specification parts and extensions (2018 edition), you may access the actual documents via http://www.ttcn-3.org/index.php/downloads/standards or using the updated TTCN-3 Quick reference card from http://www.blukaktus.com.

For TTCN-3 users the updated core language provides a couple of improvements, e.g. mixed list/assignment notation, variables of timer/port types, declarations at any place where statements are allowed, renaming (local scope only) of imported module. The terms ‘object’ and ‘object reference’ have been introduced to cover component, default, port and timer types. Users may have a look to section 15.11 regarding the concatenation of templates of string/list types. Tool provider may find additional updates in the ETSI document MTS(18)073007r1 (all changes are marked!) or via mantis (http://oldforge.etsi.org/mantis/view_all_bug_page.php). You may expect more news coming soon with the new Object-oriented features (ES 203 790).

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Dear TTCN-3 users,

during 2017 the TTCN-3 standards had been updated and improved, now you may use the actual edition 2017.

Several test suite are available at 3GPP and ETSI, in particular for LTE and oneM2M. The open source community now can also benefit from the new IoT-Testware project. The project is supported by the new ETSI MTS TST working group.

Please find all new TTCN-3 standards via the ETSI portal.

We wish you a successful testing year 2018,

TTCN-3 group at FOKUS

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ETSI published the TTCN-3 updated standards (2017 edition), you may access the actual documents via http://www.ttcn-3.org/index.php/downloads/standards or using the updated TTCN-3 Quick reference card http://www.blukaktus.com/TTCN3QRC_viewme.pdf.

The following provides a short list of innovations regarding the version 4.9.1 of the core language in ETSI ES 201 873-1:

  • an optional default type for user-defined union data types (chapter 6.2.5),
  • a new “=>” operator applicable on string type to access decoded data (chapter 7.3),
  • external functions that may return data of a template type (chapter 16.1.3),
  • the possibility to retrieve attribute values from types or template instances (chapter 27.8),
  • the port operation “.setencode” for the dynamic selection of encoding attributes (chapter 27.9),
  • an extended parameterization of encode/decode functions for the dynamic selection of encoding attributes (chapter C.5.1C.5.4),
  • new predefined functions for encoding/decoding of octetstrings (chapter C.5.5 and C.5.6).
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TTCN-3 has evolved in 2016: ETSI published an updated version of the standard edition in summer. The new STF 514 has already worked on improvements/parts and new extension packages for the TTCN-3 edition 2017. ETSI members may access the latest drafts via the ETSI TC MTS portal (e.g. RES/MTS-201873 -1 T3ed491 (ES 201 873-1)).

The biggest highlights for the TTCN-3 community are the efforts using TTCN-3 in the IoT/M2M domain due to the creation and maintenance of a new oneM2M conformance test suite developed by oneM2M partners. Several new companies got in touch with these test suite and TTCN-3. Moreover this test suite has been successfully applied during the oneM2M interop plugfest in Korea (May 2016) and Kobe (Nov/Dec 2016). This test suite will be further developed in 2017 with support by a new ETSI STF (currently in preparation).

In 2016 you may have also observed the “regular” progress around TTCN-3: Professional extension and updates of the worldwide most relevant TTCN-3 test suites for UMTS/LTE, significant new test suites by ETSI around IMS Core Network and Interoperability Testing (Diameter Conformance testing for Cx/Dx and Rf/Ro interfaces). Please have a look to the full list of relevant TTCN-3 ETSI publications in 2016.

The TTCN-3 team at FOKUS Buisiness unit SQC wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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The University of Göttingen has released an updated version of the BNF generator for TTCN-3. You may download the plugins for Eclipse LUNA and generate the interactive BNF. The resulting BNF is also available from blukaktus.com.

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The authors of the TTCN-3 Quick Reference Card have designed the contents of the QRC document for the A0 poster format. Please have a look at http://blukaktus.com/TTCN3poster.pdf. A limited number of hardcopies is available for interested TTCN-3 users, please contact Mrs. Katrin Boening at .

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In 2015 TTCN-3 standardization and applications continued their successful propagation in industry and research based on a very stable and mature technology. The latest TTCN-3 edition 4.7.1 from ETSI has already been endorsed by ITU-T SG17. Several new and updated standardized TTCN-3 test suites have been published, e.g. for

  • Integrated broadband cable telecommunication networks (CABLE),
  • Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); User Equipment (UE) conformance specification,
  • LTE; Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC); User Equipment (UE) conformance specification,
  • eCall HLAP Conformance Testing Abstract Test Suite,
  • Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT): Diameter Conformance testing for S6a, S9 and Cx/Dx interfaces, and GTPv2-C Conformance Testing for S11 Interface,
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): Conformance test specifications for Cooperative Awareness Basic Service (CA), Decentralized Environmental Notification Basic Service (DEN) and Signal Phase And Timing (SPAT) and Map (MAP),
  • Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS): TTCN-3 Conformance Test Suite for use of XML schema.

Industrial and research partners continued with updates and improvements for their TTCN-3 test automation tools: E.g. Ericsson published a free powerful version of Titan for the Eclipse community, and the MIDAS project delivered a prototype for a Cloud-based TTCN-3 test platform.

ETSI TC MTS continued the work on TTCN-3 evolution in STF 491. The actual experts team developed the draft version for the upcoming TTCN-3 edition 4.8.1 to be published in spring 2016.

All members of the Testing team from the SQC department at Fraunhofer FOKUS wish you a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to cooperate with you in 2016.